Terrence Lockyer

A Low-Tech Variant on the Fake Antivirus Scam

In General on July 6, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Today, the 6th July 2011, via the Twitter stream of Kate Russell (http://twitter.com/katerussell), part of the team on the BBC’s Click technology programme (http://www.bbc.co.uk/click), I learn of a new variant on the fake antivirus scam. This one is not delivered via the PC; rather, a call is made to the target by somebody posing as a technician, who talks the target through a supposed infection and remedy, and then asks for payment by credit card (with predictable results). The scam may be targeting older people in particular; however, anyone who might be deceived by such a call is obviously vulnerable.

This is a reliable report: KR is on the staff of a reputable technology-based programme, and reports that her own father received such an approach (so this is not a friend-of-a-friend scare-story).  She has promised a blog post with more detail, which I shall link here when it is available.

UPDATE (2011/07/07):  Kate Russell has posted a detailed description of the incident, with commentary from Rik Ferguson of computer security firm Trend Micro, here: http://kateclick.posterous.com/the-phone-scam-disconnected


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